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On September 5, 2016
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This is a little bit of an unconventional review. Of course I love the 4K filming capabilities and long range transmitter and gimbal preinstalled. But the real reason I love my DJI Phantom 3 professional is the relaxation it gives me. After a long day working or things not going to well in life and around the world for me, being able to go to the beach and fly over the water and see things from a different perspective helps soothe my mind some. I am able to fly wherever whenever I want to, and forget about what is going on around me at the time. Recommended.

dji phantom 3

It’s a drone eat drone world out there. I realize a quadcopter that might hold a little camera, however this was one thing that wasn’t being done nonetheless and also the man serving to ME thought i used to be jocose around and needed to understand why I’d try this. Well, i used to be searching for a reasonable and effective thanks to get quality aerial shots. quick forward many years and DJI introduces a quadcopter drone which will work with the GoPro and alternative corporations were creating drones capable of holding DSLR cameras (although the latter is extremely, terribly expensive).

Over the last year, however, DJI has started purification their hold on the market. the discharge of the Phantom three series of drones has allowed the corporate to interrupt aloof from their reliance on GoPro by introducing their own cameras hooked up to the drone. The Phantom three skilled contains a 4K camera whereas the Advanced and customary have a prime quality a pair of.7K camera.

And, the the quality and Advanced area unit each within the sub $1,000 class creating them reasonable to quite simply the skilled media creators.

Sample footage with the DJI Phantom three customary Drone in action:

live view

First, let’s consider flight controls. The Phantom three customary is straightforward to fly, very easy. Being somewhat of a fledgling, I did my due diligence and browse the directions (yes, I did, from begin to finish), watched the DJI pilot videos, and went through the tutorials — all of this before evening powering the unit up.

Once started, it had been simple. Everything regarding the Phantom three customary is easy and straightforward from the standardization, to the flight controls, to the employment of the camera, to the landing. Sure, a number of it takes common since an understanding of physics however overall, this is often easier to fly than to drive a automotive.

Therein lies a drag — with easy use and easy access with worth drops there arises potential issues from freewheeling users, however that’s another discussion to be had elsewhere.

While RC hobbyists and also the “I wish the most recent school right now” users can take up a number of the market, the important worth to the current drone is for photographers, video graphers and indie filmmakers. whereas the Phantom three customary contains a a pair of.7K camera, this is often nothing to tease. The camera is prime quality and might be used for skilled use. and also the reality is, a minimum of as of currently, delivery in 4K video is bottom — for many professionals, 1080 HD continues to be the delivery customary.

The camera on the Phantom three customary contains a 90-degree viewing angle and whereas still terribly wide, there’s not the distortion of action cameras therefore this contains a additional purposeful role in everyday use for videographers and photographers. It additionally permits for indie filmmakers to try to to some superb aerial shots that might somewhat be answer of their budget.

Furthermore, the space on this drone is quite adequate. It flies effectively at a distance bigger than a linear unit from the operator (about ten soccer fields) and claims to fly up to a mile in open locations while not interference. All things thought of, this is often Associate in Nursing Brobdingnagian quantity of distance for many world eventualities. I even have to require it quite three hundred yards out as a result of I merely haven’t had the necessity, and yes, I even have used this in multiple world things.

Sure, the 1-2 mile distance the Advanced and skilled are able to do have their application. There area unit lifeguards in Huntington Beach United Nations agency use those to trace the approaching and goings of labeled nice white sharks! except for most photographers, videographers, hobbyists and enthusiasts, the Phantom three customary is quite enough.

What will this all mean? can we tend to suddenly see Associate in Nursing abundance of drones flying through the air, incursive privacy and inflicting issues — hopefully not. we’ll in all probability see a number of this however I’d prefer to suppose it’ll not abundance. Once the initial infatuation fades and also the usage of Phantom three vogue drones for media production settles into place, drones can hopefully become a helpful, and important tool for professionals and enthusiasts.

The Good

There are so many positive things about the DJI Phantom 3 professional (pro) 4K video camera. Some of the specific pros are:

– There is no need to purchase additional software for the device
– Lightbridge digital streaming for looking at the world through the eyes of the camera
– You can use it with Android and iOS devices
– The low price for the quality of this product
– Return to home function – the drone will follow the GPS signal of its remote control to make it back home.
– The extra batteries that you need are included in the package.
– The camera is simple to fly.
– It is just too much fun! This drone can do many amazing things.
– It gets delivered in a timely fashion.
– It is worth every dollar you spend on it.

The Bad

This camera does have a few weak points, of which some are:

– You will usually have to take off the guards each time you put the drone into a case, so you will have to carry it.
– There have been reports that the calibration is “ultra-sensitive” and may fail to turn on or off when pressed too quickly.

The only truly bad thing about the DJI Phantom 3 professional (pro) 4K video camera is that it will turn off automatically if it is brought within a fifteen-mile radius of the White House. Then, of course, you know how tight presidential security has become in recent years.

Even on your own property, if you live anywhere in the restricted zone — and this includes the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Montgomery, Prince Georges and Silver Spring, in addition to the capital itself – you cannot fly this drone. Even worse, the manual does not tell you this.

The Verdict

Overall, this is what you should get if you love flying cameras. It is certainly great fun to send a camera up into the air and see things from a perspective that you couldn’t get otherwise – except from an airplane or helicopter!

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